Getting laid in Freshers – like stealing candy from a baby

So I’ve started a new chapter in my life. Welcome to university! And what better way to make a good impression in front hundreds of new people that you’ll have to endure for the next three years, than to get atrociously shitfaced and complete a series of ridiculous and possibly life-threatening tasks, all in the name of banter?

Freshers is renowned for being the one time of your university…

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When friends don’t want to be friends

Ah, the heart-warming world of unrequited love. Going out for a drink, laughing and joking, one person admits their undying love for the other, awkward silence followed by a heartbreaking conversation. Idyllic.

Gosh I do love these situations. I went to a gig in Norwich this week with my friend, we’ll call him Barry, and we were having an extremely pleasant evening together. He gave me a little…

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Vietnamese Love

Ok, so love may be a bit strong. But being felt up by a stranger is practically the same, right?

I’ve been off on many exciting travels these past few months, so apologies for the lack of material. Also my busy schedule has unfortunately slightly disrupted my sex life, but not to worry, I managed to snaggle at least one unsuspecting victim in Asia.

I’d stumbled across two gorgeous Italians in a…

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Me by Danny Lane doasplit

The trifecta

A thousand apologies for these lengthy intervals between posts, I’ve no excuse other than gallivanting around Europe with sporadic and unreliable internet access. I also fear this irregularity will continue briefly until I’m back in the country for good in September – bear with me!

So, news. Travelling through the continent is a practical guarantee to some sexy time, what with all those unwashed…

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